Moderate aerobic exercise increases SOD-2 gene expression and decreases leptin and malondialdehyde in middle-aged men

Behrouz Baghaiee , A.M. Botelho Teixeira, B. Tartibian

a Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran
b Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
c Department of Exercise Physiology, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran

Science & Sports Journal

The purpose of the this study was to investigate the effect of two months of moderate aerobic exercise training on the relationship between serum leptin concentration with vascular lipid peroxidation and SOD-2 enzyme gene expression in middle-aged inactive men.

Twenty untrained middle-aged men were randomly assigned to exercise (Ex) and control (Con) groups. The Ex group performed aerobic exercises for 8 weeks. SOD-2 mRNA was determined by PCR, leptin and vascular lipid peroxidation (MDA) levels were determined by Elisa and autoanalyzer.

SOD-2 gene expression increased after the second month of moderate aerobic exercise (P = 0.001) and MDA was reduced in the second month in Ex group (P = 0.001). Leptin levels decreased after the first and the second month of moderate aerobic exercise (respectively: P = 0.042 and P = 0.001). Mixed Model analysis also showed a significant correlation between MDA and leptin in the exercise group.

The present study shows that two months of moderate exercise led to a reduction in leptin and MDA levels and to an increase in the SOD-2 gene expression. Also, the decrease in serum leptin concentration seemed to be effective in reducing lipid peroxidation.


Aerobic training; Peroxidation; SOD-2; Leptin

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